Cookie Gehring is the REALTOR® of choice.

“I will be sending a hard copy of this testimonial because I only stand a 50/50 chance of not accidentally deleting everything I have written. Cookie Gehring did an incredible job of representing us in this sale. She had the misfortune of being at the end of a long line of realtor interviews. We first assessed her value as a realtor for us on the kind of impression she would make on a potential buyer or buyer’s realtor and less on her assessment of the marketability of the house. In a business deal that involves the transfer of a large investment, we wanted someone with the temperament and communications skills that could make all parties feel comfortable and understood. Secondly, I was getting discouraged with realtors that did not have the patience for our concerns. When you have to sell a house of a lost loved one, your concerns are beyond sales price. You want the house to appeal to the kind of person that your loved one would appreciate. In this case we are talking about someone who was very intelligent, cultured, and a lover of children and pets. Cookie knew how to boost the attraction of the house to a buyer who reflected these traits. Third, in addition to her communication skills, she brought technical ability in assessing the value of the house. She judged it to be worth $30,000 to $40,000 more than we had expected. I challenged her, not wanting the sale to take a long time. She reviewed her rationale with us and helped us see the value of the home. “Trust me”, she said, “if you can take care of a few tasks, the house will sell quickly.” I was skeptical, but she knew the market and had confidence in us to get things done. In less than 10 days we had a contract (and a backup for full price). Cookie was so intuitive, never pushy or critical. She would be the REALTOR of choice for us again, as she should be for any seller, especially one feeling stressed, such as in dealing with a death, divorce, or threatened foreclosure.”

— Karolyn Odmark, San Antonio, TX